Health Treasure Pharmacy

For your convenience Health Treasure Pharmacy is now open

Health Treasure Pharmacy will provide you with the following Services:

  • Compliance aids.
  • Influenza vaccinations.
  • MedsCheck.
  • Compounding prescriptions.
  • Smoking cessation support.
  • Clinic days.
  • Medication delivery.
  • Renewing a prescription.
  • Counselling services.
  • Home Health Care.
  • Diabetic Health.

For more details please follow the link to the Pharmacy page

Policy Update

Other clinic visits policy

You have signed an enrollment form with your doctor which requires that you visit us for all of your health issues.

In case you visit another walk in clinic, this will lead to your doctor being penalized by the Ministry of Health.

Frequent visits to other clinics might be considered as a breach of the registration contract and can lead to removing your name from our practice.

Visits to hospitals, Emergency departments, Specialists and any visits outside Ottawa are not included in the above policy.

Starting March 1, 2017

The center will be operating in a new and different model:

You will be seen by appointment only, please call, leave a message or email us to book an appointment, you will not be seen if you show up without an appointment. Please adhere to our policy

There are no same day appointments for non-urgent cases, cases will be triaged and assessed by us before the appt is booked

For the continuity of care, we are joining a group of medical centers which provide the same level of care,  we encourage you to visit these centers when we are closed. We will update our website with the names and addresses of these centers.

You can visit the ER anytime

Saturdays: Walk-in only


Urgent Care Clinic

To help our registered patients and minimize their  visits to other clinics and ERs, we are offering an Urgent Care Clinic

We have successfully helped hundreds of our patients, reduced ER visits and minimized the load on ERs.

Patients who are aware how our urgent care service works are very appreciative and satisfied, therefore, we ask all our patients to familiarize themselves with how it works in order for us to continue providing this service smoothly and efficiently for their best interest.

Urgent care is for cases which can be managed in outpatient setting ASAP but not immediately and not serious enough to require ER visits, therefore, we cannot see patients with chest pain, possible fractures, sudden abdominal pain, loss of consciousness or any case deemed more than urgent when the physician review patients’ symptoms.

It is a short time visit to address the urgent issue only, not for multiple issues, and it is for the patient who has the appointment only not for any other family member who is not our patient or has no appointment.

Urgent care is not for mental illnesses or counseling and not to discuss test results.

If you call our office it doesn’t mean that you will have an appointment once you call, if you don’t have an urgent issue.

If you have symptoms and you think they need to be addressed ASAP please call our office, present your exact symptoms without understatement or overstatement, your symptoms will be documented and reviewed by the physician then you will receive a call with either an appointment at the same day or recommendations from the physician of what you can do before you see the doctor.

We have zero tolerance for any harassment over the phone.  Harassing our staff will not change our decision if you don’t have an urgent issue and it may lead to patient-physician relationship termination.

Please help us so we can help you