Mothers’ GPS for Fever

Motherhood is a stressful but remarkably rewarding job. This book will make this job less stressful and more joyful. Mothers’ GPS for Fever is a guidance for all mothers when their children have fever, open the book and turn on the GPS in order to see the right path . Mothers’ GPS for Fever is your navigator on the fever map.


و رحلة في عالم النفس ADHD

(ADHD Arabic version)

ADHD is a common disorder which may negatively impact patients’ life. There is unfortunately lack of education and knowledge among Arabs about ADHD. This book is educational for Arabic speaking people.


ADHD Arabic front

ADHD The Missing Piece

There is a missing piece in each and every aspect of ADHD, in its treatment, traits, personality, career, study, relationships, and many more. When we find that piece, the picture will no longer be cracked. This book is a guidance for ADHD patients and their families to the right direction by helping them to find the missing piece.


 ADHD Front

Burnout The Missing Spark

Burnout is mental, emotional and physical exhaustion and fatigue due to chronic and continuous exposure to overwhelming stress and pressure, which makes people unable to keep up and continue functioning the way they used to. As a result, they fail to achieve, attain, and reach their goals and meet their standards. The degree of vulnerability to burnout depends on people’s thresholds, personality, and tolerance for pressure and stress.




Anger is an intense emotional response to provocation. It can be normal when it is under control but becomes abnormal and violent if it is stronger than one can handle. If it occurs frequently, as revenge for something, it can greatly affect your ability to function in life—physically, socially, and financially. Patience is a state of endurance against waiting, annoyance, pain, difficulties, and poverty, without complaints, anger, irritation or resentment, while demonstrating a calm attitude. Patience is a suffering yet can be rewarding, and therefore we call those who have diseases or medical problems “patients.”

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